Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The countdown is over

There are no more weeks to count down now, just one. more. day.

I head to Managua tomorrow morning and then I'm outta here Thursday!

This morning I spent about 2 hours making sure all of my information was removed from my computer and deleted extra programs from my computer as well, to make it as close to factory settings as possible.  I wanted to make sure that every trace of me was gone from this computer since it will be staying here in Nicaragua.  The PC tech guy gave me a tip and said that if you go into Control Panel, then User Accounts, you can create another user and if you make it an administrator, you can log in with the new user and delete your admin account.  You then have the option to delete all files attached to your old use account, which I did.  I feel like that will be sufficient.  The guy I sold it to is a teacher in Camoapa and he seems really nice.  He came to my house today with his wife and baby boy who greeted Dyland with a handshake haha  It was pretty darn cute.

I´m a little sad to say goodbye to my computer, but I´m looking forward to a fresh start with a new one later on, and hopefully a lighter weight one!  I still have my Skype phone and will use that during my post PC travel.  My host family has a netbook so I´m using that for today and then I´ll be bumming off Frank ;)

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  1. Glad you got to sell the computer and get a little seed money for the next purchase..definitely a lighter one.They have made such advances in technology since youv'e been gone!! Love and miss youi!!