Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arriving in Peru

We had quite a travel day on Monday--got up around 7am, caught a taxi to the airport, took 3 flights and finally ended up in Trujillo, Peru around 10:30pm.  Long day.  Highlights: the airline company Avianca serves great (free) meals on the flights; found a Starbucks in the Lima airport (a little bit of home); the taxi driver was outside of the (tiny) Trujillo airport waiting for us holding sign with my name :)  Also, we got here safely!

Carolina wasn't in Trujillo when we got there, but was on her way.  Her mom offered us coffee and bread to relax and then we got to bed since it was after midnight and it was a loooong day!  Today we slept in a bit, but I still felt super tired.  Lots of travel wears you down.  Hope to gain more energy soon!  Anyway, we had breakfast with the family after our hot showers and Carolina arrived.

Today we ventured out and visited some ruins just outside of the city.  They were really neat to see and we even got to go inside of some old temples--unfortunately grave robbers destroyed a lot of it awhile back, but it was a neat experience.

In the afternoon we headed into Trujillo to see the city and get some lunch.  We found a nice place and relaxed a bit after soaking up the morning sun.  Frank tried his first Peruvian beer and really liked it--it was a malt beer, so much better than the light beer in Nicaragua.  I got a slice of cake because I prefer dessert over alcohol/beer haha

After letting our bellies settle, we strolled around town, toured a museum, and got a cheap street dinner in the evening before heading back to Carolina's house.  We then finally got to make some phone calls to our (worried and waiting) parents and all is good.  We have plans to visit more ruins tomorrow and I'm not sure what else.  It's kind of fun having someone else plan things and show you around :)

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