Monday, November 12, 2012

That's NOT a condom

Today I went to the Access class today to show my students the newspaper article that they're in and to say my official goodbye to them.  Before class started, I was talking to some students and showing them some of the newspapers and pulled one out of the envelope my mom sent and something fell out onto the bench seat.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye and didn't think anything of it until I saw one of my students turn and whisper to another student and then it hit me.  I grabbed it quickly and tucked it into the package before the other student saw it and when the first student turned around he couldn't explain what happened as I was talking to others.

What was that item???

Well, it's NOT a condom if that's what you're thinking (and I'm assuming that's what my student thought as well).  It's one of those "moist towelettes", that unfortunately they don't have down here so it obviously looks like a condom.  Great...just what I want my students to think.  Well, at least it was only one student and nothing really came of it since I put it away without him seeing.  I was torn as to whether I should explain it or not, but I didn't want to say "hey, this isn't a condom" and draw more attention to the object.  Now that I think of it, I should have picked it up, opened it casually, and wiped my hands with the "towelette" to make it obvious without having to explain anything, but I panicked and just put it away thinking, oh I don't want to explain what it is and then he doesn't believe me and then I have to waste it by opening it.  Seriously?!  I could have wasted one moist towelette.  I did, however, tell Edwin what happened and we both laughed.  And, I made sure to call my mom to thank her for that awkward situation haha 

Ok, with that story behind us, I will move on to the news article.  The students were really excited to see themselves in the newspaper and it was actually pretty funny because one student said he was disappointed because he wasn't in the picture, then we all gave him a hard time because he didn't come to class that day--his fault, not mine. haha  But he was joking anyway, so it was all good.  I had the students break into groups and take turns reading the article by paragraph and then they underlined words they didn't understand.  We discussed the vocabulary and the content of the article.  It was really neat.  After this, one student spoke for the class and told me she was very thankful for me working with them and it was a unique experience having me there to share my culture and different aspects of English.  She spoke very kind words and I felt very loved by all of them, even the ones that were texting while she was speaking ;)  Yes, they do that here too--so annoying!

Anyway, we took pictures and I told them "See you later!" since this isn't a goodbye.

This is where we took our first group picture a year and a half ago :)
Leaving Access class...

Then I went over to the other class and said my "see you later"s to them as well.

A lot of the students from this class were absent today...bummer.

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  1. Very funny,,,Loved hearing about the dropped item. I was glad you got the package and the letter before you left..How super sweet of Franks folks to get you 2 plane tics.Love you 2...