Friday, November 23, 2012

Airport Sleepover

So we finally made it down here to Arequipa, which is in the southern part of Peru.  We left Trujillo late last night and caught a flight to Lima, where we stayed overnight in the airport, on the floor.  Good thing I swiped a blanket & pillow from the airplane ;)

Well,we're here now and it's a beautiful place.  The central park is really nice with flowers, a fountain, and awesome old architecture.  There are a lot of little cafes, restaurants, and shops.  It seems like quite a fun place and we wish we could spend more days here, but we will just soak up all we can while we're here :)

We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving and we're planning on making a semi-Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at our hostel--details later.

Also, regarding the pictures, I won't be able to upload anymore here on my blog :(  but I will be adding them to Facebook sometime soon.

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  1. OK sweetie,,,we never admit to swiping anything!! Glad to hear all is well..Take Care of each other and talk soon,,love ya