Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

Wow, can´t believe it´s already December and we´ve been out of Nicaragua for 2 weeks!  It´s been a good trip so far and today we´ll be heading out to begin our Inca Trail adventure.  In about an hour, we´ll meet up with our guide and then it´s off to the first camp for tonight.  They say there are hot showers and a sauna at this camp to help us relax, but then after that, no civilization for 4 days... 

I picked up some trekking poles last night to help me with the hike.  I´ve never really used them before, but I think they will be helpful, especially for my knees, which I´ve had problems with in the past.  Anyway, I´m excited for the trek, but still a little nervous because it´s a high altitude and we haven´t really been exercising much besides walking around the towns, going up stairs, and lugging our suitcases around haha 

Just wanted to let you all know that we will be out of touch until Wednesday, Dec. 5 since we´ll be up in the mountains hiking the Inca Trail.  We return Wednesday late at night & I´m sure we´ll be heading straight to bed.  I can only imagine how exhausted we will be.

Please pray for our journey and we will take lots of pictures to share after :)

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  1. Great that it went soon,,love yous....