Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good to be home

We are finally here in Oregon--actually got here Sunday afternoon, but now finally catching up with time.  It's been nice to be home :)  It feels a little weird since I haven't been here in over 2 years, but it's good.  We've been enjoying the slower pace and eating up all my Dad's delicious cooking.

My parents picked me up a new smartphone and that is all sorts of confusing.  I really need to read the manual so I can figure out all it's capable of.  It's a cool phone and really simple to figure out the basics, but I want to see what all I can do :)

Anyway, after 2 years and 3 months in Nicaragua, then about a month of travel after, covering Panama & Peru, I'm ready to move on to the next chapter of my life.  I have to finish my master's program at Gonzaga and plan a wedding.  I'm thinking things are gonna get super busy!  That's why I'm soaking up the slow pace of being home and not trying to plan too many things just yet.

We decorated the Christmas tree last night and made a Costco trip today.  Everything is coming together :)

Well, since I finished PC and I'm back in the US for good, this is the end of my blog.  I'm planning on doing another one, but for now, this is it.  I gotta try to find a way to print out my blog in the form of a book now.  I'll make sure to update you all on where my blogging takes me after this.

Paz y amor,


  1. Will miss the updates...but it is SUPER to have you home,and to be involved in the wedding planning.Love you lots...MOM

  2. You'll definitely have to do some more blogging, especially about the wedding planning etc. You'll enjoy looking back on it some day.

  3. Sorry we didn't make it down to Salem to see you and Frank. Be sure to post an update on here when you start the new blog!